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True Traveller Travel Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy travel insurance from True Traveller!

The experts say:


True Traveller's Traveller Plus travel insurance is a great choice for those looking for comprehensive coverage. It offers a £7500 cover limit when cancelling before travel, and £2500 cover limit for personal possessions and baggage which are damaged, lost or stolen. Plus, the medical excess is only £35, making it an affordable choice. Fairer Finance gives it 3 stars, so you can be sure of quality coverage. All in all, True Traveller's Traveller Plus travel insurance is a safe bet when you're travelling!

What True Traveller customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • :thumbsup: Smooth and fast process for submitting a claim.
  • :moneybag: Settlements paid out quickly.
  • :heart: Helpful, polite and customer-oriented staff.
  • :sunglasses: Easy to familiarise yourself with the form.
  • :ok_hand: Good communication with quick response times.

The Bad

  • 😞 Claims may be difficult to gather evidence for if you only have a mobile device.
  • 😟 Responses and money deposits may be slow for larger claims.
  • 😔 Customer service may not always be as helpful or understanding as expected.
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True Traveller customer reviews summary

True Traveller travel insurance is a great choice for any traveller. Customers have consistently reported fast and efficient service when submitting claims, with prompt replies and settlements of money arriving quickly into their bank accounts. People have praised the customer-oriented approach, helpfulness and politeness of staff, as well as their understanding when it comes to claims. With a hassle-free process and ease of use, True Traveller is the perfect companion for your next trip. Score: 9/10

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