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InsureFor Travel Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy travel insurance from InsureFor!

The experts say:

Part of ROCK Insurance, InsureFor's Premier travel insurance is a solid choice if you're looking for extensive coverage. In independent research by Which? it was ranked 49th out of 71 providers, with a policy score of 67%. Additionally, the policy offers superior Covid cover, medical expenses cover up to £10,000,000, baggage cover up to £2,500 and cancellation cover up to £5,000. Plus, with no excess payable on medical claims and a 3-star Fairer Finance Rating, it's easy to see why InsureFor's Premier travel insurance is a popular pick for savvy travelers looking for peace of mind. But do customers think InsureFor are any good? Read on to find out.

What InsureFor customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 🗣 Claim handler was patient and went through the detail of the wording
  • 🤝 Offered a full settlement within 2 weeks for injury claim
  • 💬 Representative was understanding and offered to renew policy
  • ✅ Lucky customer did not need to make a claim
  • 🤗 Compassionate service from claims adviser

The Bad

  • 😠Claims are often declined for minor details, such as not reporting a lost item to the police.
  • 😤It is difficult to make changes to policies or cancel them.
  • ☹️The customer service is poor, with frequent phone disconnects and long wait times.
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InsureFor customer reviews summary

After reading through numerous reviews of InsureFor travel insurance, it seems that their customer service and claims process could use some improvement. From lost policies to rejected claims, customers have encountered a variety of issues. However, there are still some positive experiences sprinkled in, with a few customers receiving full refunds and efficient cancellation handling. Overall, InsureFor travel insurance gets a solid 5 out of 10 for now.

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Deep-dive into InsureFor Premier Travel Insurance

  • Customers will not need to pay a medical excess when making a claim.
  • Cover for damaged, lost, or stolen personal possessions and baggage is up to £2,500.
  • Coverage for cancelling your trip before travel is up to £5,000.
  • Providers substantial emergency medical cover and repatriation cover limit of up to £10,000,000.
  • There is cover for any mental health problems that are new and arise on the trip and not prior to the trip.
  • Cover for lost or stolen personal money is up to £500.
  • Combined cover to replace a lost or stolen passport, including the cost of travelling to get it, is up to £500.
  • Coverage for expenses related to cutting a trip short (curtailment) is up to £5,000.
  • Cover for costs to get the customer home if the trip is abandoned because of a long delay (abandonment) is up to £5,000.
  • No cover is provided for relocation costs related to natural disasters or catastrophes.
  • If a natural disaster occurs, there is cover for personal possessions if they are damaged or destroyed.
  • Protection is provided for both individual trips up to 32 days in duration.