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Flexicover Travel Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy travel insurance from Flexicover!

The experts say:


Flexicover Direct's Diamond policy is a great choice for travelers looking for comprehensive coverage. With a Policy Score of 78% from Which?, and a ranking of 7 out of 71 providers, it is clear that this policy offers exceptional value. The Covid Cover rating is Superior, so you can feel confident that your trip will be covered during uncertain times. Medical expenses are covered up to an impressive £10000000, and baggage cover of £4000 and cancellation cover of £5000 provide extra protection. Fairer Finance Rating has not yet rated this policy, but it certainly looks like the perfect choice for travelers who want peace of mind on their journeys.

What Flexicover customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • ✅ Easy to contact and get quotes
  • 😃 Efficient claims process
  • 💰 Competitive premiums
  • 🤝 Very helpful and friendly staff
  • 📞 Responsive customer service

The Bad

  • 🤬 Flexicover were unwilling to pay for a delay that only lasted two hours, even though it resulted in the customer having to stay overnight in an airport hotel.
  • 😡 The website failed to allow the customer to move on to the 'Select Policy' section and it was unable to retrieve the quote when entered.
  • 💩 Customer service made a big mistake on the policy and refused to apologise when asked for an extra fee to correct it.
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Flexicover customer reviews summary

Flexicover travel insurance is a reliable and cost-efficient provider for all your holiday needs. Customers have found their staff helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, and the online application process easy. They are also efficient in dealing with any claims that arise. However, there have been some issues with the website not functioning properly and a lack of understanding when it comes to delays on flights. Overall, Flexicover come highly recommended - 8/10!

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