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CoverForYou Travel Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy travel insurance from CoverForYou!

The experts say:

CoverForYou's Gold travel insurance could offer the protection you are looking for on your next trip. With a generous cover limit of £5,000 for cancellations before travel, you can rest assured that sudden disruption to your plans won't be too costly. Additionally, the policy offers a solid £2,000 for personal possessions and baggage damaged, lost or stolen, so you can travel worry-free. A relatively low medical excess of £75 provides peace of mind in the event of illness or injury abroad. With all these great features and a 4-star rating from Fairer Finance, CoverForYou's Gold plan looks like a strong choice, and is particularly popular with backpackers.

What CoverForYou customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 👍 Easy and hassle free process for arranging cover.
  • 💰 Competitive prices and discounts offered.
  • 😊 Exceptional customer service provided.
  • 🤩 Quick, helpful and knowledgeable responses given.
  • 😃 Able to reduce costs after looking further into medical declarations.

The Bad

  • 🤬 Extortionate Price Increase for minor pre-existing conditions.
  • 😡 22 Weeks to process a gadget loss claim.
  • 😤 80's style business model.
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CoverForYou customer reviews summary

CoverForYou travel insurance offers customers a hassle-free experience with tailored levels of cover to meet their individual needs. With discounts for renewals, and helpful customer service staff, CoverForYou provides an easy and cost-effective way to ensure you have the right cover for any trip. Despite the occasional issue with policy prices increasing due to pre-existing conditions, the overall experience is one of satisfaction. Score: 8/10

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Deep-dive on CoverFor You Gold Travel Insurance

Medical Excess: Nobody wants to think about falling ill or getting injured on holiday, but it's crucial to be prepared. With CoverForYou's Gold policy, your medical expenses are fully covered, meaning you won't have to pay any excess fees. It's one less thing to worry about while you're already dealing with the unexpected.

Personal Possessions and Baggage: Misplacing your belongings or losing your baggage can put a damper on any trip. However, with CoverForYou's Gold policy, you have up to £2,000 of coverage for damaged, lost, or stolen personal possessions and baggage. Now you can explore worry-free while keeping your cherished items safe.

Cancelling Before Travel: Life can throw unexpected curveballs, leading to the unfortunate need for trip cancellations. Luckily, CoverForYou has you covered with a generous £5,000 limit for trip cancellations before you even embark on your travels. Whether it's due to sudden illness, unexpected commitments, or unforeseen circumstances, this coverage ensures you receive a refund for any pre-paid expenses.

Emergency Medical Cover and Repatriation: In the unlikely event of a medical emergency abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost. CoverForYou's Gold policy provides an impressive £15,000,000 limit for emergency medical cover and repatriation. Should the unexpected occur, you can rest assured knowing that you'll receive the necessary treatment and assistance to bring you home safely.

Mental Health Cover: Recognizing the importance of mental health, CoverForYou goes above and beyond by including cover for mental health problems that arise during your trip. This means that if you find yourself facing new mental health challenges whilst traveling, you can seek the necessary support without worrying about additional expenses. It's a refreshing inclusion that ensures your overall well-being is taken care of.

Personal Money: Losing your personal money can be a nerve-wracking experience, but CoverForYou's Gold policy provides a reassuring £300 coverage to help ease your concerns. Whether your wallet disappears or you misplace that holiday cash, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you're covered.

Combined Passport & Travel Cover: Imagine misplacing your passport in a foreign country. It's every traveler's nightmare! But fear not, with CoverForYou's Gold policy, you're protected with up to £150 coverage for combined passport and travel expenses. This includes the cost of obtaining a new passport and any associated travel expenses. So, go ahead and explore the world worry-free, knowing that you're prepared for any lost or stolen documents.

Cutting a Trip Short: Sometimes unforeseen situations arise, necessitating the early termination of your trip. With CoverForYou's Gold policy, you're covered for up to £5,000 in cancellation fees for any pre-booked flights or hotels that you may need to cancel. This coverage ensures that you won't be left out of pocket if your travel plans change unexpectedly.

Abandoning Your Trip: Long delays can be frustrating, but with CoverForYou's Gold policy, you're protected with up to £5,000 coverage if you're forced to abandon your trip due to an extended delay. This coverage ensures that you can get back home comfortably and smoothly, even if your trip doesn't quite go as planned.

Optional Natural Disaster Relocation: If you're traveling to an area prone to natural disasters or catastrophes, you have the option to enhance your coverage with natural disaster relocation cover. This additional protection provides much-needed peace of mind, knowing that you'll receive financial support should you need to relocate due to such unfortunate circumstances.

Natural Disaster Baggage Cover: While CoverForYou's Gold policy offers robust coverage for various aspects of your trip, it's important to note that it does not include protection for personal possessions if they are damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster. It's always wise to take necessary precautions and secure your belongings in such situations.

Maximum Trip Duration: With CoverForYou's Gold policy, you can embark on adventures for up to 45 consecutive days without compromising your coverage. So, whether you're planning an extended holiday or a series of shorter trips, this policy is designed to cater to your travel plans.